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    1. Hubei Sanfeng Turbine Equipment Co., Ltd.
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      We have witness and participate the whole rising trend of Chinese cement industry. Booming due to the fast

      urbanization in China,we have deliveredlots of blowers and fans on this industry.In line with the cement

      production process, we can provide


      -Coal mill fan

      Purpose of this fan is totransferthe coal powder,the rugged and anti wear design is for overcome the high

      dust working condition and pressure shock. Delivery capacity up to 250,000Nm3/hr while installed motor up

      to 1,600kW


      - Raw mill fan,

      Raw mill fan work under high wear condition, to move the milled stone, limestones etc. the dust may reach to

      50000mg/m3;Delivery capacity up to 1,000,000Nm3/hr with installed motor up to 4,000kW


      -Kiln exhaust fan(Kiln induced draught fan, ID fan)

      Temperature and dust are two challenges for this application, operation temperature may reach 500 degree C,

      Delivery capacity up to 700,000Nm3/hr with installed motor up to 4,500kW, the impeller diameter can reach 3.5m;


      - Clinker cooling fan

      To cooling down the material, air will be circulated, operation temperature will vary, while due to potential

      filter failure the dust density may increase shortly, design suitable for up to 400 degree C, and anti-wear

      design for impeller is applied.Our delivery capacity is up to 1,000,000Nm3/hr,motor installed up to 2800kW;


      Besides major fans we delivered for a cement factory, other auxiliary fans and spares scope isalso covered.





      Contact Us


      Ms. Liu Huan Mr. Shang Qian
      Mobile: +86 159 71944772  Mobile: +86 186 7274 3699

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